Astrology is a symbolic form of communication, which when translated, may be used as a tool to enhance our understanding and realization of self and others  ……………………

Moongate offers astrology readings in South Africa. You can purchase some in our online shop. The word astrology comes from the Greek ‘ástro’, a star and ‘logos’, knowledge – the knowledge of the stars.


In ancient times people looked to the stars as signs of divinity. Gradually it was noticed that patterns in the stars were virtually unchanging from one year to the next and that against this starry background moved seven bodies of light – the five planets plus the sun and moon.

As these bodies of light had the power to move across the divinity of the sky (heavens) they were thought, by the ancients, to be gods, with the power to intervene and direct life on earth. They assigned names and attributes to them.

The Chaldeans, who were astute observers and brilliant mathematicians, were the first to put down on record the form of astrology as we know it today. They observed the fixed patterns occurring in the sky and the cycles of the planetary bodies and drew up the first known ephemeris – the table of movement of the planetary bodies. They also made use of the twelve principle constellations to name the areas in the sky through which the planets, sun and moon travelled.

Remember that when we talk about the Sun being in a particular sign, we are not actually referring to the physical constellation (astronomy) associated with that sign, but rather to the area of the heavens so designated.

The ancients, by continuous observation, were actually ‘mapping’ the natural cycles of the universe, assigning names to certain points in the cycle and noting what energies occurred during that point of the cycle.

The Birth Chart

The basic tool of the Astrologer is the Natal Chart, which shows the exact position of the planets, as well as their relationship to each other, at the moment of birth – a map of the heavens as seen from the place where you were born , at the time you were born.

The map represents a circle of 360 degrees, indicating the apparent path of the Sun through the sky, during the year. Astrologers divide this path into 30-degree segments – the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The houses also divide the Chart into 12. These 12 segments, however, are defined by the Earth’s 24-hour rotation on its axis.

Each person’s chart is unique and is drawn up from the date, place and time of birth.




Cardinal – Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Colour: Red; Scarlet
Animal: Ram
Body: Head
Plants: Honeysuckle; Thistle
Crystal: Bloodstone; Hematite; Red Aventurine; Red Jasper
Key Phrase: I AM

The energy of Aries bursts forth in a powerful, explosive fontain of fire! Being the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries’ instinct for survival of the self is strong, which may make him appear selfish or self-centered at times. The Aries personality is extremely motivated and courageous and has the ability to inspire and lead others. This sign tends to be very direct – sometimes to a fault! – enthusiastic and quick-thinking. Aries’ energy is that of the warrior – stimulating, exciting, confident – forging new paths into unexplored areas of life.

Image: ‘Bodecia, the warrior queen, shows courage and leadership as she leads her people in a fight for survival in their native land…….. .


(22/04 – 20/05)

Fixed – Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Colour: Pink; Green (especially Bright Apple Green); Blue
Animal: Bull
Body: Throat; neck; thyroid
Plants: Foxglove; Rose; Poppy
Crystal: Emerald; Blue Tourmaline; Rose Quartz; Green Aventurine; Tree Agate
Key Phrase: I HAVE

There is an aura of calmness and serenity surrounding this down-to-earth sign that enjoys nothing better than being surrounded by the healing power of nature. Taurus needs to feel comfortable and secure in her environment and does not handle the suggestion of ‘change’ very well. Cautious, stubborn Taurus will have to be presented with some pretty practical and worthy reasons to even consider a new idea that in any way goes against her own deep-rooted opinions!
Taurus has the quiet heart of one filling up with the solid beauty of the Earth Spirit – sensing, feeling, hearing and touching its majesty.

Image: ‘The faery lies beneath the protection of the spreading branches of the old oak tree, enjoying the beauty of the flowers in the meadow……..


(21/05 – 20/06)

Mutable – Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Colour: All colours especially Yellow
Animal: Butterfly; Monkey;Parrot
Body: Nerves; Shoulders;Arms; Lungs
Plants: Lavender;Lily-of-the-Valley
Crystal: Blue Lace Agate;Citrine; Celestite
Key Phrase: I THINK

Gemini is a light-hearted, sociable air sign. Clever, witty and forever curious, the Gemini energy opens up pathways to knowledge and communication, allowing us to share and exchange with others. This mutable air sign is extremely adaptable and tends to have a finger in every pie! Unfortunately the many interests and distractions filling their lives can scatter energies too thin, leading to confusion and exhaustion! Gemini have the ‘gift of the gab’ and can usually talk their way out of any situation!

Image: The twins hold aloof the ancient crystal of lore from which butterflys emerge in an endless stream, intent on spreading knowledge into the labyrinth of life…… ‘’


(21/06 – 22/07)

Cardinal – Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
Colour: Silver; Sea Green; Blue
Animal: Crab; Turtle
Body: Breasts; Stomach
Plants: Water Lily; Daisy; Jasmine
Crystal: Moonstone; Pearl; Aqua Marine; Cat’s Eye
Key Phrase: I FEEL

The lunar energy of Cancer allows the imagination free reign, while insight and intuition are strengthened. Highly charged emotionally, Cancer can be moody and a worrier of note, especially as regards family and security issues. This is the sign of the nurturer and balance must be sought between the giving and receiving of this gift in order to maintain emotional equilibrium.

Image: ‘The Moon Goddess traces a silvery passage across the sea of life towards the sandy beaches of the enchanted islands…….. ‘


(23/07 – 22/08)

Fixed – Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Colour: Orange; Golden-yellow
Animal: Lion
Body: Heart; Spine
Plants: Sunflower;Marigold
Crystals: Sunstone; Citrine;Amber
Key Phrase: I WILL

The dramatic, creative energy of Leo needs to be expressed and preferably appreciated by a large audience! People do not realize how hurt and insecure this sign can get when he is ignored or criticized – his high-spirits can be crushed by a harsh word from a loved one. He hides his insecurities behind a proud and colourful façade. Leo at his best radiates warmth, generosity of spirit and a quiet confidence.

Image: ‘The Sphinx surveys his kingdom as the sun rises over the dramatic desert landscape, where pyramids float on the sandy grains of time……… ‘


(23/08 – 22/09)

Mutable – Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Colour: Browns; Shades of Green especially Forest Green
Animal: Domestic Cats;Bees
Body: Intestines
Plants: Lavender;Azaleas
Crystal: Green Fluorite;Rhodonite
Key Phrase: I ANALYZE

The energy of Virgo encourages analysis and digestion of experiences and helps you distinguish what is right and wrong for you. There can be a critical attitude, however there is always continued growth of mind and spirit with this sign as it rejects mediocrity, forever seeking perfection. Security is attained through order and cleanliness in the surrounding environment and from a feeling of being useful to the world in general.

Image: ‘The dryad sits quietly in the cool green shade of the forest as the young woodland creatures approach….. ‘


(23/09 -23/10)

Cardinal – Air
Ruling Planet: Venus
Colour: Pale Blue & Pink; Pastels
Animal: Elephant
Body: Kidneys
Plants: Blue Bell; Cabbage Rose; Lilac
Crystal: Rose Quartz; Opal; Blue Lace Agate; Chrysophrase
Key Phrase: I BALANCE

The charming, sociable Libran relishes interaction with others and is always at his best when in a relationship. A born diplomat, he seeks harmony, beauty and balance in all things. Of course it is not all love and roses with this sign, his indecisiveness and procrastination can be really frustrating!

Image: ‘Music plays softly as the faeries gather to witness the wedding of Oberon to his queen Titania ….. ‘


(24/10 – 23/11)

Fixed – Water
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Colour: Dark Red;Maroon
Animal: Scorpion;Snake; Phoenix
Body: Sexual Organs
Plants: Rhododendron; Heather; Honeysuckle
Crystal: Unakite; Black Onyx;Rhodonite

Scorpio energy initiates us into a world of mystery and magic, empowering us with deep insight and passion! There is always powerful and intense emotions, often hidden behind a controlled façade – rarely shown in public. A drive towards total commitment in all things – an all or nothing quality is evident.

Image: ‘The Lady of the Lake rises silently from the depths, powerful magick sword in hand ….. ‘


(23/11 – 22/12)

Mutable – Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Colour: Royal Purple; Dark Regal Blue
Animal: Centaur; Horse; Deer
Body: Hips; Liver; Thighs
Plants: Sage; Mulberry; Mallow
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli; Sodalite; Turquoise

The energy of Sagittarius gives us the confidence and courage to expand our horizons and the wisdom to select appropriate opportunities to fulfil our dreams. This sign is adventurous, needing freedom and wide-open spaces. Generally optimistic, and very honest – sometimes to the point of being undiplomatically blunt!

Image: A faery galleon soars through a cobweb of clouds, moving outwards into the unexplored galaxies of bright stars beyond ……. ‘


(23/12 – 20/01)

Cardinal: Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Colour: Dark Greens & Browns
Animal: Goat
Body: Skeletal-Structure; Knees; Skin
Plants: Comfrey; Wintergreen; Pine
Crystal: Garnet; Tiger’s Eye; Smoky Quartz;
Key Phrase: I USE

Capricorn energy gives us the strength and stamina to climb to the very heights of achievement and success. A need for acceptance and respect within society leads to a natural tendency to conform. Capricorns are ambitious, realistic people with a surprisingly dry sense of humour! Often an aptitude for playing musical instruments.

Image: Ín the green light of the glade, Pan plays his music outside a cavern wherein a thousand crystal lights twinkle and gleam ….. ‘


(20/01 – 19/02)

Fixed – Air
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Colour: Electric Blue
Animal: Peacock; Eagle
Body: Ankles; Shins; Circulation
Plants: Orchid; Myrrh
Crystal: Sodalite; Blue Goldstone; Angelite
Key Phrase: I KNOW

Strives for the freedom to be different, unique – often seen as stubborn and eccentric! The Aquarian energy is not so concerned with personal ambitions, but rather with that of the greater ‘whole’ i.e. the group or society of which she is a member. This is the sign of many humanitarians and revolutionaries. Highly inventive with a gift of solving old problems with new innovative techniques and ideas.

Image: ‘The cosmic breath of Aquarius awakens a new cycle of universal unity ….. ‘


(19/02 – 20/03)

Mutable – Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Colour: Sea Green; Mauve; Deep Blue
Animal: Fish; Dolphin
Body: Feet
Plants: Water Lily; Seaweed; Weeping Willow
Crystal: Rose Quartz; Amethyst; Coral; Cowrie Shell
Key Phrase: I BELIEVE

Pisces energy opens the inner gate to a world of creative and inspiring imagination. This is the sign of the dreamer, the intuitive and the idealist. Sometimes people with this sign strongly accented can have difficulty facing reality and prefer to escape into a rich world of fantasy. Music, art and acting are positive outlets for the Pisces creative soul.

Image: Adrift in her sea of fantasy, the mermaid basks in the pathways of light from above, as she sips from the cup of dreams ….. ‘